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2nd Generation Family-Owned Business

Edmund and Ada Perwien named Bluebonnet Farm after the spring wildflower that covers the hills of Austin County. The Perwien’s were involved with Saddlebred horses for more than 50 years and dedicated the farm to the promotion of the breed. Their daughter, Elly Berman, recently inherited the farm and is eager to continue their legacy. 


At eight years old, Elly tagged along with a friend of hers to a riding lesson with George and Lenore Roberts. Like many, she was instantly hooked. She began taking regularly scheduled riding lessons and by the following year she was competing at local shows. Horses had always been a part of her life growing up in Houston, TX, but Saddlebreds were new to the picture. After watching Elly's new found love for the breed, Mr. P purchased a Saddlebred named Playboy so that she could practice riding at home in the backyard. 

Elly vividly remembers showing her first gaited horse, Wings Aria. During the classes, George would be at one end of the arena telling her to go faster while Lenore was at the other telling her to slow down. 


When Elly went away to college, her father purchased the current home on Bluebonnet Farm so that he could get involved in breeding horses. Over the years, Bluebonnet Farm has produced many World Champion horses and riders. Elly explains it brings her joy to show multi generations of horses in the arena.  


Elly also enjoys spending time with her family around the horses. Her son, Kevin, spent several years driving a road pony for Bluebonnet Farm. Her other son, Jeffrey, brings his daughter, Avery, to the farm for riding lessons.  She was born in 2019 and represents the next generation of rider for the family


The Farm stretches across 140 acres of beautiful rolling pasture where the foals have ample room to run and play. Raising healthy youngsters and fueling the performance athletes in the barn requires excellence in nutrition. Much of the farm is under irrigation and thus is able to produce all of the yearly hay requirements in the fertilized coastal fields.


The main barn houses show horses and a covered round pen and riding arena. Located to the west of the main barn is a large outdoor arena oval. Built with both comfort and safety in mind, the barn is equipped with sprinkler system for the track and temperature sensitive overhead ceiling fans.


Care and comfort of the mares, foals and performance athletes comes first and foremost. The farm has various trailers fitted for a variety of special purposes. Capabilities include box stalls for mares and foals to air-ride, air conditioned and video monitored trailers for the long hauls.
Next to the main barn you will find the "mare motel". This is where visiting mares stay during breeding season. It is equipped with large bright stalls that have paddock turnout doors. The mares and foals also enjoy various paddocks and pastures on the farm - their "room with a view".

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Whether you're just starting your horse journey or a seasoned competitor, our facilities and staff are here to help you learn and grow as an equestrian.

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